Friday, August 7, 2009

remembering Joseph

Someday, and sometime, if I should live on I may converse with you as I only do to a few choice souls. Not that I can give you new thoughts-you get those from the depths that are found in your own heart-but to exchange or interchange thoughts with one of superior intelligence is a luxury in this barren world of cold communication.

When I recall as I sometimes do, if I ever have time to think of the past, the spiritual converse of a few intimate friends of the prophet Joseph, I marvel at how I have lived all these later years without now and then drinking at the fountain of that inspiration that seemed to fathom the depths of eternal wisdom and with a grace so modest, yet so sublime, that one sat, as it were, entranced, listening as one would to music of celestial beings. I wonder if you will comprehend me, but you who have studied the prophet deeply must know that the men and women who sat with him partook more or less of that spirit of eternal truth. And it lingered with them while they lived [they are all gone now] and we only dream of them and fancy their influence lingers near and plod on among the other wanderers, and now and then we get a germ of finer thought from those we meet on life's journey. And in humilty and obedience we surrender our own will to his who sees not as man sees."
--Emmeline B. Wells, age 82.

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